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Fighting Gender Madness for Over a Decade

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My profession captured.
My colleagues spineless.
Educators corrupted. Children sacrificed.
Families destroyed. Civilization dismantled.


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No child is born in the wrong body, their bodies are just fine; it’s their emotional lives that need healing. Whether you’re facing a gender identity battle in your home right now, or want to prevent one, you need this book to guide you and your loved ones out of the madness.        Read More
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[Dr Grossman's] humanity and person-centred professionalism shine unerringly throughout these pages, and we – meaning the world – owe her a deep debt of gratitude for having the courage and the will-forces to write it. In future times, it will deservedly be looked back upon as a true classic of its genre.

 ~ Richard House, PhD., psychologist and author,

Former Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Roehampton University, London

Read Dr. House's book review here.

Dr. Grossman's Work

Some of Dr. Grossman's Work

Dr. Grossman's Books

Dr. Miriam Grossman lays bare the criminal misbehavior of the medical professionals and counselors perpetrating the 'gender-affirming care travesty.'  In doing so, she brings solace to those terrified that the children they love will fall prey to the demented excesses of the latest and worst of the contemporary psychological epidemics.  In a time characterized by a shameful dearth of courage among medical professionals (and their counterparts in the field of psychology), Miriam Grossman has the courage to say what needs to be said.

~ Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, author, psychologist, online educator, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto


Some Of Dr Grossman's appearances and interviews

Public Speaking
Allie Beth Stuckey Podcast
Identity Crisis: Doctor Sounds Alarm on ‘Transgender Assembly Line’
Trans Nation - A Child Psychiatrist's Guide Out of the Madness
Miriam Grossman MD - Lost in Trans Nation: The Gender Identity Battle in Your Own Home
Miriam Grossman | Gender Ideology and the Medical Experiment on our Children | NatCon 3 Miami
Dr Miriam Grossman: Truth About Gender - Part 1
Miriam Grossman, MD Interviewed

Resources for Parents

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You’ve become a household name here at Hopkins psychiatry as the best contemporary example of a good doctor who notices what is happening around her and to her patients and strives to do something about it.


~ Paul McHugh, MD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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