April 7, 2013

When A Judge Has Poor Judgement

Regarding Friday’s ruling by Judge Edward Korman on Plan B, is it farfetched to imagine the following conversation, between, say, a high school senior and his younger brother?

I don’t think so.

Hey, dude, listen to this. There’s this thing called “Plan B”. A girl takes it after sex, and she won’t get pregnant.

After sex, not before?

Yup, and she only has to take it once!


So this judge in New York ruled that it should be really easy for girls to get, no matter how young they are.

Isn’t there already a pill that does that?

No, man, you’re thinking of “the pill”, which is a whole different thing. It’s a real hassle. She has to go to a clinic, get a prescription, and fill it at a pharmacy. That’s the place at the back of the drug store, where all those old people line up to pick up their heart medicines.

And she has to take it every day. I mean, who can remember, every day?

I can’t even remember to bring a pencil with me to school every day.

Right. Another thing about the pill is a girl needs to hide them from her parents. That can be tough, especially if she has a mom and dad who want to know what she’s up to, or a nosey sister who goes through her stuff.

Plan B is much better. No need for the clinic, no prescription. It’ll be on the shelf at the drugstore and supermarket. You could even go and get it for her – it’ll be like buying shampoo or razor blades. By the way, are you shaving yet?

Not even close.

Whatever. Thanks to that Judge, the whole thing will be simple. And with Plan B, there’s nothing to hide. Her parents will never know.

You’re right. This is good.

Good? Are you kidding, it’s great! Man, if you knew what guys like me had to go through at your age…

And just between us, lots of girls, especially virgins, aren’t sure what they want. They don’t feel ready, or they’re scared. If you have one of these pills with you, well…it’ll probably be easier, know what I mean?

Boy, do I. But I thought only girls can buy it?

C’mon, like the cashier is really gonna care? It’s like buying toothpaste, man!

So how much does Plan B cost?

That’s the only downside – it’s at least $35. But don’t worry, the way things are going, I’m sure there’s another judge out there who will remember what it was like to be fifteen, and will rule that Plan B should be available for free.

That’ll be great!

From my medical perspective, it certainly won’t be great. What Judge Korman’s ruling will do is undermine the message that every responsible parent, educator, and health provider must provide to young people: sex is a serious matter. A single encounter can change your life forever.

I believe we are going to see teen sex and STIs increase, and condom use decrease.

Until now, Plan B was available over the counter to girls seventeen and older. Wasn’t that young enough?


  1. Rev. Brian Walker - reply

    Thanks Dr. Grossman for the blog. Your imaginary conversation is true and many young people will feel the wake of plan B’s distribution. Cost will not be a factor as making it widely available will reduce its cost or the damand will be to make it free under the guise of ” women’s health”.

    Unfortunately if this comes to pass it will not be rexamined until a young girl falls victim to this drugs serious side effects and the lawsuits that follow.

    Again, women have become the petri dishes for the pharmacutical industry, pawns for the politically correct and subject to the whims and sexual pleasure of men (boys).

    God help us.

  2. John Wigg - reply

    A controversial 1st century-AD Jewish scholar, who trained under Rabban Gamaliel, once wrote with tears of people whose god is their stomach and whose end is destruction. When “personal autonomy” is confused with an individual autocracy that purports to make mere mortals into gods and godesses, the results are bound to be fatal.

  3. Lorraine Freeman - reply

    I’ve also heard it is 10% less effective every time it is used, is that correct?!

    • MiriamGrossman - reply

      I haven’t heard of that, do you have a reputable source?

  4. Tali - reply

    Dr. Grossman,
    Thank you for this wonderful blog! You are a most courageous woman.

  5. Jo - reply

    Hi Miriam

    I am from Australia which has recently legalised RU486 abortion pill. The mainstream Australian society views sex outside of marriage as so normal that abortion and contraception becomes a “right”. It’s outrageous! This shows how society has lots its ethical and moral centre regarding sexual relations. I have been called ‘naive’ once because it publicly stated I did not believe sex before marriage was right when I was a young girl at school.

    Your blog is a powerful message to clear up the confusion regarding sex. I have recommended your blog on my blog.



  6. Anna - reply

    Hi Miriam, I am from New Zealand. It is an eye opener to understand where this bizarre obsession with sex originally started. All these facts just confirm what the Word of the Living God prophesied:

    “In the last days mockers shall come with mockery, walking after their own lusts”. II Peter 3:3.

    “When the last days come, people will appear who will make fun of you, people who follow their own godless desires”, Jude 1:18.
    Keep fighting the good fight, many will listen + turn around!

  7. Leticia - reply

    I live in the boonies, out there in South America, but it still horrifies me that you can be a psychologist and do such a terrible job of understanding people.

    If you were ever 15, you remember that consequences sometimes were overlooked. I am sure the whole batch of friends I had that got pregnant at 15 would love to have had that option.

    Fact of life: kids will have sex. Kids will have unprotected sex, even if its easy to get condoms and even harder if its hard to get condoms.

    Girls are the most vulnerable in this equation – more prone to get STDS and end up holding the belly, if they get pregnant. So yeah, tell them that sex is wrong and make it impossible to get Plan B. A whole new generation of unwanted kids will thank you.

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