The good news? It’s all in your hands. You can avoid joining the patients who stream into my office saying, If only I’d known.”

New York City Sexuality Education Report

By Miriam Grossman, MD
with support by the
World Youth Alliance Foundation

This is a great tool for parents. It’s a review of the sex ed curricula used in New York City schools, but similar curricula are common across the country and even the world, so this document is useful almost everywhere.

If you are concerned about the sex education at your child’s school, but don’t know where to begin, this report will show you the way.

The report demonstrates, in detail, the substantial flaws of so-called “comprehensive” sex education: the missing facts, inaccuracies, and unsound thinking. Most important, it explains how students are given a false sense of security about high-risk behaviors.

Also addressed is an issue that’s usually ignored: definitions of terms. What do “sexual activity”, “abstinence”, and “risky behavior” mean? To what behaviors do they refer? The answers are troubling. Every discussion about sex ed must start with clarification of this issue.

The New York City Sexuality Education Report is thirty pages long, followed by ten pages of references.

I’m very pleased to make it available to you HERE for free.

Sexuality Education in New Zealand: A Critical Report

By Miriam Grossman MD and Chris White
Commissioned by
Family First New Zealand

Similar to the New York City report described above, this document covers resources recommended to youth in New Zealand.


Download the full report HERE for free
Download a summary of the report HERE for free

Sense & Sexuality: The college girl’s guide to real protection in a hooked-up world

By Miriam Grossman, MD
with support by the
Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Everyone agrees: this little pamphlet can be read in a few minutes, but it can save someone years of grief.

After many years as a campus physician, I wrote it to counter the usual “safer sex” message, which leaves students dangerously misinformed. My goal here was to provide a young woman with critical information about her sexual health that she wouldn’t hear anywhere else.

Judging from the response, I succeeded. There’s lots of enthusiasm for S&S, as it’s come to be known. Most of all, people love the no-nonsense content. They like that it’s concise, easy to read, and that it fits easily into a purse or backpack.

Although originally designed for college students, the facts in S&S are essential knowledge for younger girls, too. I’ve been impressed with the ways parents have devised to get the booklet into the hands of teens. One mother, a physician, arranged for it to be given to all the girls in her daughter’s class. Another gave it, along with my book Unprotected, to a group of girls before they left for college.

Ob/gyn’s and internists are enthusiastic about distributing S&S in their practices. Many pregnancy resource centers consider them essential reading material.

To purchase Sense & Sexuality, contact requests@miriamgrossmanmd.com.
Download Sense & Sexuality
By Miriam Grossman, M.D.
Sense & Sexuality is also available in Spanish.