June 4, 2013

A Brief History of Sex Ed: How We Reached Today’s Madness – Part I

Based on a talk presented at the 7th World Congress of Families in Sydney, May 2013

Once upon a time, sex education was a simple biology lesson.

Students learned the facts of life, and with those facts, that sex is part of something bigger, called marriage. Teachers explained this was the moral and healthy way to live.

In those days, people understood that men and women are different, and that their union is unique, unlike any other relationship.

It went without saying that boys grew up to become men, and girls, women.
There were only two sexually transmitted diseases, and having one was a serious matter.

Certain behaviors were not normal; individuals who practiced them needed help, and a child’s innocence was precious.

Things have changed.

Now we have comprehensive sexuality education. It includes discussion of identity, gender, reproductive rights, and discrimination.

Children learn they’re sexual from birth, and that the proper time for sexual activity is when they decide they’re ready.

They’re taught they have a right to pleasure, birth control, and abortion.

The terms husband and wife aren’t used, the union of man and woman is one of several options, and morality? Well, that’s judging, and judging is not allowed.

You won’t find much biology in sexuality education, but there’s voluminous information on the varieties of sexual expression, the pros and cons of different contraceptives and abortions, and the harm of gender stereotypes.

Gender itself is a complicated matter. A boy might turn into a man, a woman, or something else. A girl might feel she was born in the wrong body, and want her breasts removed. This is all normal, children learn.

There are over two dozen sexually transmitted diseases, and infection with one of these “lovebugs” is considered by some to be a part of growing up.

A doctor declares on YouTube, “Expect to have HPV once you become sexually intimate. All of us get it.”

And childhood innocence?…forget it! Material created for children make most adults uncomfortable. On websites recommended to students, nothing is taboo — sadomasochism, polyamory, and what were once called “deviant” behaviors…they’re all good.

When I first discovered this, I was astonished. What do these bizarre behaviors have to do with health, I wondered? How can responsible adults allow this? How can they fund this?

As a physician and a parent, it really bothered me. I wanted to understand: Where did this come from? How did we reach this madness?

So I looked at the history of sex ed, and I wrote a book called You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?

This is what I discovered.

Modern sex ed began in the sixties. It was based on Alfred Kinsey’s model of human sexuality. Thanks to the brilliant and courageous work of Dr Judith Reisman, we now know that Kinsey was both a fraud, and a deeply disturbed individual.

For Kinsey, it was anything goes when it came to sexuality, and I mean anything. He believed, for example, that pedophiles were misunderstood, and their punishments unjust.

“Sexuality is not an appetite to be curbed”, Kinsey insisted. He taught that, and he lived it.

His official biography documents the beliefs on which he based his work, and his personal life: The “human animal” is pansexual. Traditional morality is destructive. Sexuality is not an appetite to be curbed.

When I say that Kinsey was a deeply disturbed individual, it fails to capture the level of his psychopathology.

I’ve been a psychiatrist for thirty years, and trust me, I’ve met some very strange people. I am not easily shocked.

But when I began to read Kinsey’s official biography…What can I tell you? He was – please excuse the technical jargon – a real mental case.

Kinsey was afflicted at his core. He was a depraved human being, and his emotional illness expressed itself through his sexuality. He was consumed by a grotesque, debilitating, obsession with a wide range of abnormal behaviors – I’ll spare you the details, but I doubt very much that in all the 62 years of Kinsey’s miserable life he knew even one day of what we in this room would consider healthy sexuality.

To be continued……


  1. Jennifer - reply

    Waiting for part two! Enjoyed part one and it shed a lot of light on what is going on in education right now!

  2. Ytany M. - reply

    Excellent coverage on this issue and what passes for normal.

    This demonstrates that even on an academic level one should expect to find the most horrific of moral views.

    excellent work Dr. Grossman

  3. Shannon C - reply

    Have you been in a sex ed classroom? This is not what’s taught in the majority of them. Many states aren’t even required to teach medically accurate information thanks to the Christian congress, let alone comprehensive sex ed. I guess god literally forbids students from knowing what’s going on with thier bodies.

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  9. Adele Weeks - reply

    According to Judith Reisman’s book, Kinsey and his colleagues subjected babies to repeated sexual stimulation and then timed their “orgasms.” Imagine the psychological problems those research subjects of his developed. Kinsey should have been imprisoned for life for the sexual abuse he inflicted on many individuals.

  10. Joann - reply

    Shannon C, it’s the comprehensive sex ed programs created by the likes of Planned Parenthood and SIECUS that are not medically accurate. The largest school in our area, who had Planned Parenthood come in as a guest educator was teaching students that the condom is 98% effective against ALL STDs when according to the CDC, it can only offer 80% protection against HIV and less, if any, against other STDS spread by skin to skin contact. They also were teaching students the perfect usage rates of contraceptives when teens, in general, have the highest contraceptive failure rates. They were teaching students that oral sex was a “safe” alternative to vaginal sex, but oral sex can transmit STDS. That was just the tip of the iceberg….

  11. Alison Beil - reply

    I am looking forward to part two also. Following recent “global” news of the “celebrity status” accorded various transgendered people for their “courage” and the claims they are making about how much “prejudice” and how much happier now that they claim laws and rights to be different sex than they were – what I want to know is why they were wrongly identified by medical doctors and parents if there was any doubt? I want to know what their chromosomes are. I have no doubt of my own, or my husbands, or our children’s, or grandchildren’s and I don’t want anyone telling us we should decide to dislike our bodies as God gave them to us. I never was taught to disrespect anyone because of the body they were born with. But it seems I am being taxed to help pay for a lot of other peoples choices that I definitely was never offered myself. I even refused hormone treatments during menopause, and to look my best for my husband and even for my grandchildren I pay at my own expense for facial hair removal, that I never grew when I was younger. Good grief – give me a tax break please in my senior years from such selfish young people under federally funded health care and provincial “mandates’ to cater to their “pleasures”. Many medical treatments Seniors NEED are becoming unaffordable, and not demandable. Obviously, people at any age or stage of life can learn to accept and respect themselves as they are and others also.

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