June 10, 2013

A Brief History of Sex Ed: How We Reached Today’s Madness – Part III

Based on a talk presented at the 7th World Congress of Families in Sydney, May 2013

The last person I want to tell you about is Dr John Money. In 1955, he introduced the radical concept that maleness and femaleness is a feeling, separate from anatomy and chromosomes.

He was convinced we are born without gender, then conditioned by society to identify either male or female.

Dr Money was a prominent psychologist; he’s well respected to this day. But he was on the same page as Kinsey and the others.

He described pedophilia as “a love affair between an age-discrepant couple.” Dr Money was also part of the incest lobby: “For a child to have a sexual experience with a relative,” he wrote, “was not necessarily a problem.” Like Kinsey, Money had deep emotional wounds. His identity as a man was troubled, and he molested young boys.

What’s so astonishing is these men, these very disturbed men, using fraudulent data and theories that have been discredited, succeeded in transforming much of society. Today’s sexuality education is based their teachings.

Once I understood who the founders were — Kinsey, Calderone, Pomeroy, Money, and others — I understood how we got to today’s “comprehensive sexuality education.” I knew how we reached today’s madness.

It came from disturbed individuals with dangerous ideas – radical activists who wanted to create a society that would not only accept their pathology, it would celebrate it!

These men were pedophiles. It was in their interest to see children as miniature adults who enjoyed sexual contact, and had the right to consent to it, without other adults, or the law, interfering.

Why would they value childhood innocence? They didn’t believe children were innocent to begin with.

They also thought that restricting sex to between husband and wife was unnatural and destructive.

They weren’t fighting disease, they were fighting ancient taboos; they were fighting biblical morality.

Bottom line: Sexuality Ed began as a social movement, and it remains a social movement. Its goal is for students to be open to just about any form of sexual expression. Sex ed is not about preventing disease, it’s about sexual freedom, or better – sexual license.

Its about changing society, one child at a time.

You don’t have to be a physician to understand the dangers of this ideology. All you need is common sense.

I no longer ask where did the madness come from, I know where it came from. What I ask, what we all must ask, is: how does it continue unchecked for fifty years? How do groups like SIECUS remain so powerful and well funded?

Where’s the accountability?

All responsible adults have an obligation to fight the promotion of sexual license to young people. For sure, it’s an uphill battle; sometimes it appears enormous, like David fighting Goliath.

But I am here to tell you that we have a secret weapon, like David’s sling. The secret weapon is 21st century science: biological truths about the body’s design, and how the mind is wired to respond to intimate behavior.

The fundamental premises if sexuality education – the radical theories of Kinsey, Pomeroy, Money and others – are easily debunked with 21st century science.

Yes, the battle is uphill. Yes, at times it seems enormous, like David fighting the giant Goliath. But think a moment…I don’t need to remind you, do I?

Who won that battle?


  1. Daniel McBryde - reply

    Dr. Miriam Grossman for Surgeon General of the United States!

    I do what I can to promote Dr. Grossman. I hope more & more people do the same. We can only hope, pray and work hard towards the day when Dr. Grossman’s sound, science based views are back in main stream.

    I really wish Dr. Grossman had her own talk show, radio or T.V. I have no doubt there’s a huge audience out there hungry for truth and common sense, and who are tired of being force fed this shameful nonsense that’s spewed out by the so-called main stream.

  2. Zoe Brain - reply

    “The secret weapon is 21st century science: biological truths about the body’s design, and how the mind is wired to respond to intimate behavior.”

    I agree.

    See for example:

    Specific Cerebral Activation due to Visual Erotic Stimuli in Male-to-Female Transsexuals Compared with Male and Female Controls: An fMRI Study by Gizewski et al J Sex Med 2009;6:440–448.

    Results. Significantly enhanced activation for men compared with women was revealed in brain areas involved in erotic processing, i.e., the thalamus, the amygdala, and the orbitofrontal and insular cortex, whereas no specific activation for women was found. When comparing MTF transsexuals with male volunteers, activation patterns similar to female volunteers being compared with male volunteers were revealed. Sexual arousal was assessed using standard rating scales and did not differ significantly for the three groups.

  3. MiriamGrossman - reply

    Zoe, please elaborate on the point you wish to make.

  4. Usually I do not learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice post.

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  6. Jane - reply

    Another fantastic series of article by Dr. Grossman. Thank you for taking a stand against the madness. Please continue to write for your blog, so informative. I agree with Daniel, Dr. Grossman for Surgeon General!! Great Idea!

  7. Laura - reply

    I find your research compelling as I have read both of your books. I work as part of the education and prevention department at a Pregnancy Support Center. The wealth of knowledge that supports your stance leaves liberal ideology on sexual health without a leg to stand on, and it always shocks me how many arguments come against you. It can almost seem as though the people that oppose your research are fighting for the right to destroy themselves and our kids. Every time I enter a classroom, be it 6th-12th grade, I believe I am fighting for something much more profound than a good decision at a party because I know too well the value of human sexuality. You treasure, honor & respect the sexual health of every woman and man. I do as well. And so I stand with you against a tide of indoctrination that wants nothing more than to destroy these kids and to do so at the core of who they are. I know from personal experience what it feels like to wish that I had the knowledge you provide so freely when I was a teen, and I am grateful for the arsenal of wisdom, science, and knowledge that helps me stand with you against such a strong tide. Activists often fight for things that are based in such selfish desires and personal hurt. Your fight is truly for the next generation, and the ones that will follow. Thank you, from a deep well of gratitude and respect. Please keep fighting.

  8. Deanna - reply

    Thank you Dr. Grossman for telling it like it is. In today’s politically correct world, not many have the courage or integrity to stand for truth.

    We would appreciate seeing some up-to-date statistics for HIV/AIDS in the msm teen community. The same for stis.

    Your information is most valuable in order to expose those who would destroy the innocence of young children.

    Please be encouraged and keep up the good work.

  9. Marie - reply

    I realize this post is over a year old, but I just read your book “Unprotected” and read a few of these blogs. Thank you, Dr. Grossman, for having the courage to tell it like it is, risking your career to stand against the PC tide! I just shared this three-part post on fb and will spread your message wherever I can. I started a blog last year called “There’s No Such Thing as Casual Sex,” however, personal obligations kept me from developing it to maturity. Your materials have given me a renewed drive. I will be referring to your information often and will make sure my daughter, as well as her friends and their mothers, are armed with the truth. God bless your efforts and your work!

  10. Lyn - reply

    Very nicely written. I do think we are missing one fundamental point – and that is the key role parents themselves play in their children’s sexual education. We have pretty much handed that power over to educators and then complain they’re not doing it right…. which I agree… they aren’t. Conversations about healthy sexual relationships should begin at home and too many parents dodge them because they’re embarrassed. My (now 16yo) daughter was asking me where babies came from when she was 4 and I told her (in age appropriate language) what happened. Too many of my friends at the time responded with “I’ll tell you when you’re older”. Why? They want to know now.

    From that day to this she has been encouraged to come to both myself and her father with any questions or concerns. And she does. We have regularly had discussions about the activities of her friends (eyebrow raising to say the least) which she tries to process and when she can’t she comes to us. More parents need to realise the very important position they hold in their child’s development and stop relinquishing that to state-based organisations.

  11. Mrs. Alison Beil, B.Ed. CCC - reply

    I have referred the Edmonton Catholic School Board to Dr. Grossman’s website for better information to inform their policies. I will likewise advise my Member of the Legislature for Alberta, and Member of Parliament for Canada. The misleading dis-informing insanity of the “LGBTQ political agenda” has to stop. Enough damage already done!

  12. Tom More - reply

    Thanks very much Dr Grossman. I am not unfamiliar with many of the issues, but look forward to learning from your research, experience and commitment.

  13. Daniel Jenkins - reply

    It is unfortunate that most modern parents start from scratch; we have been taught to ignore tradition. Our society treats tradition as though it was formed out of nothingness, a group of arbitrary ideas without any basis is current reality. I started from a position of questioning EVERY tradition and have ended up in my 50’s understanding that the vast majority of our traditions come from the actual observations of our ancestors.

    Our traditions concerning the sexes are a result of the careful observation of our ancestors; there is nothing more valid that the observation of cause and effect. Abandoning those traditions in one or two generations is pure folly. It is only by observing the negatives associated with ignoring the traditions that I have learned the real value of those traditions.

    This is no way to run a railroad.

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