GOODBYE Marriage. GOODBYE Mothers & Fathers.
GOODBYE Male & Female.

In a World gone MAD, Children are in DANGER

Fight the madness: arm children with the scientific truths about love and
family found in The Black & White Puppy.

“A politically incorrect educational treasure that belongs in every home.”
- Michelle Cretella MD, President, American College of Pediatricians


Why I Wrote This Book

For the past ten years I’ve studied what children are taught about intimacy, gender, and family. As a child psychiatrist, I’m deeply concerned.

From Sydney to Seattle, Bogota to Toronto, children are told intimacy is about pleasure and condoms. They are led to believe that gender is fluid: do you feel female today? Well, you’re female then, because biology is irrelevant. When it comes to family, children are taught only love matters – and anyone can love them. There’s nothing special about their mothers and fathers.

These are dangerous falsehoods, and as a medical doctor I am worried about the systematic indoctrination taking place in classrooms all over the world. Yes, these are strong words. But the situation is ominous and warrants them.

When young people are taught to deny reality about fundamental aspects of life and indeed, of civilization, it endangers the individual child, as well as society as a whole.

Children must know the truth. First, that intimacy has emotional consequences. Science says touch is meaningful and creates feelings of trust and love. We are hard wired to attach.

Male and female are fixed conditions, at least for about 99.99 per cent of us. A man cannot become a woman, nor a woman a man.

Finally, every child has a mother and a father. If one of them is absent, due to tragedy or design, it creates a void. The child will have legitimate questions and feelings of loss. Especially unique is the bond between a mother and infant. It is filled with wonders!

“Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.” So warned the child psychologist Haim Ginott. Parents, you must be the first to make those impressions, and they must be deep. Empower your children with the biological facts found in The Black & White Puppy so they can reject, when they’re older, the messages of activists who value social change more than truth.

I wrote this book because in order to make healthy decisions about love and family, people must be grounded in reality. In a better world, this project would not be needed. But this is the world in which we live.

The Black and White Puppy

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The Black and White Puppy

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